Team Building

It is important for the team to work together while appreciating each other’s strengths and diversities. When working in synergy, your business or organization will have more success reaching their goals.

Health and Wellness

Drumming for Health & Wellness is an exciting activity that grounds us in the present moment and nurtures our mind, body and spirit. It is here we truly experience who we are. Feel The Rhythm Drum Circles uses drumming as a holistic approach, to empower the individual and to create community.

Community Drumming

We bring drumming to any public or private events which celebrate their community. Hand drummers of all caliber can join together to share rhythms and celebrate with each other! There is no limit to the type of community that can benefit from a Drum Circle!

We offer dynamic drumming programs for team building and community events in the Okanagan.


Drums and percussion are the most accessible musical instrument. Participants will be drumming then creating rhythms in a short time.

On site

All drums included in the workshops and brought to your event; workplace, retreat, convention centre, etc.


What is experienced at the workshop will be brought back to the workplace and remembered longer than a lecture or a power point presentation.


Still wondering if a Guided Interactive Drumming workshop is the right fit for your business, your association, or private event? Contact Feel the Rhythm Drum Circles to discuss how we could integrate a Drumming experience into your event.